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  • Hands on experience with college coaches and players

    Experience a college team’s dynamic and culture.

  • The Best Camps to Experience Collegiate Golf

    Discover a typical weekly schedule of a collegiate golfer.

  • Learn, Compete and Showcase Your Talents

    How does qualifying work to determine the travel team? You’ll find out at a CGE Camp.


Providing transformational experiences for junior golfers who aspire to play collegiate golf.


It’s never too early to start thinking about your junior golfer’s future. Providing them a College Golf Experience camp will inspire them for years to come, regardless if they play collegiate golf. At our camps, junior golfers engage with college coaches, learn about collegiate golf, receive professional instruction and experience facilities where the teams play. Campers also discover what opportunities lie in the great sport of golf and where they can take their game. We look forward to welcoming your junior golfer to one of our transformational experiences.


Imagine interacting, engaging and experiencing college golf with coaches and players. Imagine competing in a simulated collegiate golf tournament while receiving professional instruction and advice from coaches. Imagine exploring a college golfer’s weekly routine, receiving help formatting communications to college coaches, and creating your own personalized junior golf progression. At College Golf Experience camps, we tailor these experiences to develop and enhance your game while helping you achieve your junior golf goals. Welcome to the best junior golf camp experience!

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